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There are various Medical Hair Replacement Surgeries and non surgical Hair Treatment in Mumbai suitable for every individual. Patients can regrow their lost hair’s with proper care and good treatment.

Basically, These treatments are totally dependent on Cause of Hair fall and quantity of Hair Loss. There are many common reasons for hair fall. Reasons like Hormonal Imbalances, Ageing, Genetics, Excessive stress, Prolonged illness, Nutrients Deficient Diet and Excessive use of chemical hair styling products. We Always ignore these kinds of reasons and they make heavy damage in long term.

With Latest Developments in Medical Cosmetic Industry. We have Hair treatment in Mumbai available for Hair Regrowth.  These Hair loss treatments can be Temporary or permanent. Patients can opt for Permanent or Temporary Solutions of Baldness as per requirements and goals.Sparkle Hair Transplant Banner 3

Temporary Hair Treatment in Mumbai

There are many temporary solutions for Hair loss and Baldness. There are medical Treatments and Procedures that can stop Hair fall in certain cases. But, these non surgical treatments doesn’t work on a patient with Genetic Baldness Family History. Also, these treatments regrow hairs from the front side of head and Hair grown from this side is Genetically temporary in Human Body. Hence, these treatments can be Temporary for Few Patients. Apart from that, there are many other Temporary Ways to hide Baldness by using Techniques like Hair Weaving and Wigs.

But, patients need to Understand that, all these Temporary Treatments and regrowth techniques that need maintenance and have recurring costs. At first, Cost of these procedures might look affordable in few cases. But, recurring costs and temporary results might become costly in long run.

Hair Transplant: Permanent Hair loss Treatment

Sparkle Hair transplant Banner 5Hair transplant is a Surgical Procedure. In this surgery Hair Follicles from one part of the body called “Donor site” are moved to a bald or Balding Part of a body called ‘Recipient site’. Surgery is commonly used to treat Male Pattern Baldness. As Hairs from the Donor site are Genetically built to be permanent (For example, Hairs From Back Side of the Head.) and Surgeons use those same Hair Follicles In Hair Transplant. Hence, Transplanted Hair after treatment are Permanent. Hair Transplant can be Useful for restoring Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Beard Hair, Chest Hair, Pubic Hair and to fill scars caused by surgeries and accidents.

For Results, Hair Transplant Surgery can deliver some of the most Realistic natural looks. Another important factor is price, Hair Transplant cost in Mumbai is moderate compared to other cosmetic surgery.  But This Surgery becomes sweet deal After Considering Good Results and One Time cost.

At Sparkle Hair fall Treatment Clinic, Dr. Vikas is Hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai and offers genuine advice to all his patients at very affordable cost with a suitable Hair treatment in Mumbai.

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